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Spellings for Me vs. Traditional Spelling Workbooks

Traditional Spelling Workbooks
Children's spelling are differentiated according to individual ability.
(Tailor-made spellings for each child)
Children are challenged appropriately according to their ability not simply their age or class.
Exercises included are best for learning and based on words the child doesn’t know how to spell.
Spellings that are most common and relevant to the child will be mastered first before moving on to the more difficult, less frequently used words.
Individualised tests for each child.
Test can be self-corrected by the child and checked instantly to see if they are marked correctly.
Incorrect words are stored for the children to work on in future.
Spelling is linked to writing. Spelling tests and vocabulary pertaining to each of the writing genres are included.
Dictation sentences correspond to each list/level.
Different variations of testing - Dictation Sentences tests/ Spelling tests/ Learning Words tests/ Mastered Words tests/ Writing Genres tests.
Children can test themselves on words they have previously mastered.
Learning is based on a visual approach- identifying pictures, letter strings, mnemonics in words the child specifically doesn’t know how to spell.
Children who are struggling with spelling (or may have a specific learning difficulty in relation to spelling) are very apparent to the teacher.
Section specifically studying etymology included.

Spellings for Me

Spellings for Me is an online and an offline programme. The online aspect is the child's profile, where they log in and take a series of tests. The offline aspect is the differentiated workbook. This is a valuable resource to accompany the online program. It provides a clear framework of activities for both teachers and students. Within this framework, are differentiated activities that support the child's learning of the errors they made online. Despite being a “spelling workbook”, it is still completely differentiated, as children print out their spellings from their individual online profile and paste them into the workbook.
The child works according to their ability, not their class or age.

No two children will have the same spellings, as no two children are the same!

Spellings for Me is written by primary school teachers, Emma Doherty & Patrick Grace.

"When writing the programme it was important that it was easy for teachers to facilitate. We are teachers ourselves and are fully aware of how busy Irish classrooms are. Spellings for Me provides a meaningful, differentiated programme for each individual child.

We lean on the technology to take the workload away from the teacher in creating individual spelling programmes for their students. We are very excited for children to benefit from their tailor-made spelling experiences".


Brendan Culligan

Author: Improving Children's Spelling & Spelling and Handwriting.

"When providing CPD for teachers, I am regularly asked to recommend a practical computer program that would contribute to the development and progression of children’s spelling ability. Spellings for Me has long been overdue and as an Irish production, it ticks all the boxes for what teachers require of such a program. The teachers’ manual, which accompanies the program, clearly explains how to set up and activate the program. Ascertaining the child’s automatic spellings ability level is achieved through various tests. Dictation exercises and differentiation are integral parts of the programme. Self-correction is encouraged and any errors/miscues are placed in a “learning words” folder. When these words do become part of the child’s automatic spelling vocabulary they are placed in a “mastered words” folder. Opportunity for revising these “mastered words” is central to the whole program. Emma and Patrick, both young teachers, are to be commended for this innovative program, which will have a huge effect on children’s spellings development both in the classroom and in the home".

Dr. Kathryn Corbett

Principal of Bishop Galvin National School, Templeogue

"Pupils learn best when an education programme is individually tailored to their learning needs. For years teachers have differentiated spellings based on workbooks with pre-determined lists, which often have little or no relevance to their pupils’ everyday reading and writing tasks. The Friday spelling test is a tradition that has remained in many primary schools in Ireland.  In Bishop Galvin NS, we wanted to change that tradition, to enable our pupils to learn to spell the words that they regularly use. Our aim was to both support pupils’ learning, and to challenge them to continue to improve their ability in spellings, at every level. Spellings for Me is the resource that we needed, offering an inclusive and interactive personalised programme for each pupil to experience success and continually improve. Feedback from pupils, teachers and parents has been so positive and we can already see the benefits! Patrick and Emma are experienced teachers and have provided practical and helpful follow-up support to our school in getting started. I highly recommend this programme".

Dolores Hanrahan

Principal of St. Louis Senior Primary School, Rathmines

"Spellings for Me has transformed the approach to both the teaching and learning of spellings in our school. The children have ownership of their own spellings. The fun and creative spelling tasks that are included in the programme enable the children to master their learning words at their own pace. This individualised online programme ensures that each child is working at his/her own level using a structured and differentiated approach that is 100% centred on each child and his/her needs. Feedback from teachers, parents and pupils has been very positive. We would recommend this programme to all schools looking for a new approach to the teaching and learning of spellings".

David Mooney

Special education teacher

" Spellings for Me is an absolutely incredible tool for students to progress through spellings at their own level. The interface is so user-friendly and the programme is a dream to use. The amount of added optional extras available for teachers to use as they choose is outstanding too. I massively recommend Spellings for Me. It is a long-overdue upgrade from the old fashioned spelling lists and spelling workbooks we've become so used to but never really benefitted the kids. Thank you Spellings for Me".

Katherine Neill

Class teacher

" Spellings for Me is an absolutely fantastic, individualised programme for all children to learn spellings at their own level. The programme is completely tailor-made to the child and their ability - not the class that they are in and no two children have the same spellings. This has completely changed spellings in primary schools for the better. As a class teacher, I am delighted to see the children in my class progress and experience success at their own level. It does wonders for their self-esteem. Despite the programme being individualised, I find it so much easier to implement this programme in the busy classroom as opposed to the old spelling workbooks. The user friendly and attractive website collates all the results for me giving me a fantastic overview and a meaningful report of what spelling stage each child is at. I highly recommend Spellings for Me".


Age 11

"I love Spellings for Me! I can be creative in my homework. The pictures I draw help me remember how to spell my Learning Words".


Age 8

"Spellings for Me is really good. My spellings used to be way too easy and I knew them already. Now I have to learn words I don’t know how to spell. I love the games too".

Liz Turner

A parent's email to a school using Spellings for Me

"I just wanted to contact you regarding the new Spellings for Me programme that has been introduced to the school. It is a very exciting project and I believe it reflects the school’s ethos of inclusivity and the recognition of each child as an individual. It makes so much sense. I want to thank you and your team for your dedication to improving the learning opportunities for our children".

Sinead Tracey


"Thursday nights were always a dread in our house. My daughter hated the weekly Friday spelling test. Her spellings were very difficult for her and she would become disheartened by her results. Spellings for Me has changed her view on spellings completely. She is working on spellings at her own level. She is progressing and succeeding at her own pace. She loves logging in at home".

Niamh & Gavin


"I want to sincerely thank you for developing this programme.
My daughter has dyslexia, so spelling tests were a weekly stressor that highlighted her weaknesses and eroded her confidence. I am so happy that our school has embraced this programme. While it is important that this will optimise learning for every child across all levels of spelling ability - I want to emphasise the psychological benefits for the 1 in 10 children with dyslexia - this programme removes the stress of 'failure' and comparison with peers - which can erode self esteem. The look of relief on my child's face when she learned that this programme was to replace the weekly spelling test was priceless...
As parents we are extremely grateful".


We run regular free public webinars. We have two types of webinars:

An Introduction to Spellings for Me

This is our standard two-hour training session - introducing the programme and how it works.

Who is it for?

  • Teachers who want more information about the programme and how it works.
  • Teachers who are using Spellings for Me in their school and want to know how best to facilitate it.
FAQ Webinar

When providing support, we see the same questions reappearing from teachers using the programme. We have compiled these questions and will answer them in a one-hour webinar.

Who is it for?

  • Teachers who are using Spellings for Me, are familiar with it and are looking for tips.

To find out the details of upcoming webinars, please email zoombooking@spellingsforme.ie You will then receive an automated reply with the type of webinar, the times, dates and a booking link to each.

Private webinars are also available. Please email info@spellingsforme.ie for pricing and availability.

School Planning

View or download a PDF on how Spellings for Me fits into the:

Quality framework for
School Self Evaluation

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Digital Learning Framework for Primary Schools

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Primary Language Curriculum

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Wellbeing Policy
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I want to use Spellings for Me next year - what do I do?

Look at our "Pricing & ordering" section. There you can download an order form and email it to us at info@spellingsforme.ie We will set up your school account with the amount of requested users, deliver the workbooks and invoice you. That’s it!

Download an order form here:

Order form

How much is Spellings for Me per child?

The Spellings for Me workbook costs €9.50 per child. The workbook is designed to last one academic year. Once the Spellings for Me workbook has been purchased, the child will gain access to their online profile for free for that academic year. This would replace the child's current traditional spelling workbook. You could add this to their book bill. Once your school has purchased the Spellings for Me workbooks, we will give you the same number of online pupil profiles in your school account. i.e. You order 400 Spellings for Me workbooks, we will unlock 400 online student profiles for that academic year.

How does Spellings for Me fit in with school planning?

Click here to see the school planning section of the website for more information.

Do you facilitate staff training?

Yes. Please email us at info@spellingsforme.ie for available dates.

I'm having trouble logging in. How do I do this successfully?

Don't forget to change your School Personal URL before logging in.

To do this you should:

  1. Go to www.spellingsforme.ie
  2. Click 'Login'
  3. Change your URL by clicking ' change'
  4. Type in your school personal URL
  5. Enter your username and password
  6. Click 'save'

What class/age is Spellings for Me suitable for?

Spellings for Me is suitable from 3rd - 6th class. Many schools enjoy success with the programme in 2nd class and even 1st class. Each school and their pupils are vastly different. We recommend liaising with your staff to see what is best for your school. If you are unsure what standard to introduce the programme to, we recommend starting the programme with 3rd class. You can review this after one academic year and begin the programme with a younger standard if this suits the needs of your pupils. Spellings for Me is also used in many secondary schools and adult education centres nationwide.

I don't have Microsoft Word. Do you have a PDF of the order form?

Yes. Click here to download the order form in a PDF format

Do you have a sample letter I could send home to parents about Spellings for Me?

Yes. Click here to download an editable letter to parents

We also have a parent's guide to Spellings for Me. Click here to download an editable version of this.

I want to set up the students and teachers myself. What should I do?

You can download our instructions here.

Our 'Importing Users by Bulk and Managing Class Folders' video is very helpful. Click here to view it!

Alternatively, you can contact us at info@spellingsforme.ie and we will do all the work for you in setting up all users within your school.

Can parents sign up to Spellings for Me ?

Spellings for Me currently offers school subscriptions only. If your child's school already uses Spellings for Me, click here to download a Parental Guide on how to support your child using this programme.

Is Spellings for Me available outside of Ireland?

Yes Spellings for Me is available outside of Ireland. Currently we have schools throughout the UK, UAE and many language schools across Europe. International delivery charges apply. Please email us at info@spellingsforme.ie for more information.

Can my school trial Spellings for Me ?

Yes. Spellings for Me offers schools a 6 week free trial for a limited number of students per school. Please email us at info@spellingsforme.ie for more information or if you would like to avail of the free trial.

Pricing & Ordering

The Spellings for Me workbook costs €9.50 per child. The workbook is designed to last one academic year. With this, the child will gain access to their online profile for free for that academic year.

To order Spellings for Me workbooks to your school please download the order form and email it to us at info@spellingsforme.ie

Download your order form below:

Order form

If your school has purchased the Spellings for Me workbooks, we will give you the same number of online pupil profiles in your school account for that academic year. i.e. You order 400 Spellings for Me workbooks, we will unlock 400 online student profiles for that academic year.

As you can see the workbooks are not called 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class, 4th class, 5th class or 6th class. Teachers should look through the workbooks- looking at the types of games/activities and decide what is suitable for their class maturity level. A strong speller and a struggling speller in the same class can use the same workbook. The differentiation comes from the online profile. E.g., Workbook A may be suitable for a 1st class or a 2nd class. It could also be used for a young 3rd class.

Multi class teachers: You can order the same workbook for your whole class. The online profile will provide differentiation according to their ability.

If you would like to order the online only aspect of the programme, please download our ‘Online Only Order Form’ below.

Online Only Order Form